Restaurants across the country are taking advantage of the cost savings that come from switching to LED lights. The process of changing your entire lighting system can be overwhelming.

That’s where we come in. Our turnkey program combines innovative design, expert service, and project management to take care of the entire light installation process from start to finish without interrupting your day-to-day business.

What’s a Turnkey Program?

Most people just sell you lightbulbs. Some companies may actually install them for you.

That’s not our style.

Our turnkey retrofit program provides everything you need to convert from incandescent or fluorescent lighting into an energy efficient LED lighting system. We take care of everything from the disposal of old bulbs to new lighting installation, financial analysis, rebate filing and future service for five years.  

Our complete LED lighting conversion program takes the worry and hassle off your hands, to make sure your needs are met. We don’t sell lightbulbs. We provide consistency, support, and safety for your business.  

Step 1: Lighting Analysis

Our first objective is a professional assessment of your current lighting. This assessment allows us to look at the setup you currently have, the style, setup, ambiance, and any special areas with specific lighting needs. 

Our assessment also looks at your current electric bills, which are needed for rebates, and give us a baseline to track your return on investment.

Step 2: Consultation

After our initial assessment, we consult with you to determine what you’d like to see in the finished project and what are your current needs. How many hours are the lights on? Any areas that need improvement? Desired light levels? 

Whether you want a complete conversion, or to keep your lighting essentially the same, we create a clear vision and goal.

Step 3: Financial Analysis

Before beginning any work, we provide a written proposal of the costs, tax incentives, rebates available, and how much you can expect in savings. We provide financing options and take care of filing any rebate forms for you to get you the best possible price.

Step 4: Light Installation

Once you sign off on the project, we bring in our own crew and supplies to get to work.

We begin by disposing of all of your old bulbs. Our disposal professionals take extra care to adhere to proper disposal requirements for fluorescent lighting and any bulbs containing mercury.

The entire conversion process from start to finish usually takes between 30-60 days, depending on the scope of the work. Our crew takes care to remain professional, clean, courteous and avoid disruptions to employees and customers throughout the process.

We are available to work after hours or on weekends to avoid any interferences with day-to-day business.

Step 5: Warranty Support

If you buy LEDs off the store shelves, chances are they do not come with a warranty. There is no innate guarantee simply for buying an LED product.

However, when we do the install, we guarantee our products for the promised lifetime of the bulb, which is five years for interior lights and 10 years for exterior lights. If for any reason your bulbs don’t live up to this standard, we will replace them free of charge.

Stop paying more to run your business.

Find out how to save 80% in the next 60 days.

Aren’t sure if your business could benefit from making the change over to LED? No worries. Let us audit your facility and prepare a complete analysis of the potential effect an LED retrofit could make on your business – for free. There is no pressure to buy, only savings to gain.